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MASHOOR  مشہور


Hum mashoor

Hogaye, hum mashoor

Kis liye hum mashoor?


Neechay dekho

Kya zyaada upar char gayi?

Neechay dekho

Kya zyaada upar char gayi?


Aine mein, aks mera kahaan?

Aine mein, aks mera kahaan?

Kuch to alag hai zaroor



Mera qasoor!

Yeh qarz kisko vaapas de doon

Saara lahu?


Mujhe itihaas nahi chahiye

Miraas meri nahi chahiye

Ab hum besur

Aur fazool hai, sab fazool

Lautne ka raasta na maalum


Kisne kaha manzoor?

Kaise kiya humne kabool?

Kabse yeh sab shuru?

Bas dikhao ek bar mera wajood

Mera wajood


Kis liye hum mashoor?


We are famous

Famous, we became

For what reason are we famous?


Look down

Have you climbed too high?

Look down

Have you climbed too high?


In the mirror, where is my reflection?

In the mirror, where is my reflection?

Something is indeed different



My guilt!

To whom should I return this debt

All the blood?


I don’t want a History

I don’t want my own legacy

Now we’ve gone off-key

And useless, everything is superfluous

The road of Return we do not know


Who said we agreed?

How could we have accepted this?

When did this all begin?

Just once show me my existence

My existence


For what reason are we famous?

DHUND LO MUJHE  ڈھونڈ لو مجھے

Khuli khidki, hawa thandi

Saans rukti, chillati koi…


Paas baithi, ek jalpari...

Glass mein machli

Jo paisa maangti


Almaari mein chaand

Is mulk ki pagal rani 

Hai! Kase chali ​​؟


Oh sakhi...oh sakhi

Dhund lo mujhe


Ek chehra badsoorat

Divar pe yahi

Ek bhooki mareez

Laal chipkali


Gaiya ka khauf, ek ghanti tooti

Ik tora waada, naraz hai ghari

Aur chadar tale, kisi ka khoon

Pillao mujhe, main pyaasi khatoon


Ka kahoo main, 

Jiski aankhein nahin


Oh sakhi...oh sakhi

Oh sakhi...oh sakhi

Dhund lo mujhe

Dhund lo mujhe

An open window, a cold breeze

The breath stops, somebody screams…


Nearby is seated, a mermaid...

In the glass is a fish

Who demands to be paid


In the almirah is the Moon

This country’s mad empress

Oh! From where has she gone ؟


Oh companion...oh confidante

Search for me


An ugly face

Is on this wall ahead

One hungry patient

A lizard that's red


The female cow’s fear, a bell broken

A promise ruptured, angry is the clock

Beneath the blanket, somebody’s blood

Make me drink, I am a thirsty lady


What can I say, 

As someone lacking eyes


Oh companion...oh confidante

Oh companion...oh confidante

Come and find me

Come and find me


Har sawaal ko, mera jawaab tayaar 

Aur main sunti nahin, sunti nahin

Har kisi ki baat


Ab thak gayi, aur main ne sab dekha

Is duniya ki har ek jaggah


Aur zaroori nahin peeche dekhna

Maazi mera har pal mere saath


Oh main ne koshish ki, bech d​i​ rooh apni

Lekin phir bhi, hum ab to nahin


Main ne koshish ki, bangayi qaidi

Sab kiya bas tere liye

Tere liye tere liye...


Khudahaafiz apni jawaani

Khatam hai vo kahani humari


Maafi ka lafz hum bhool gaye

Baahir se kitne sakht

Magar andar hai kuch bhari

Kuch ghalat


Har sawaal ko, mera jawaab tayaar 

Main sunti nahin

Har kisi ki baat


Oh main ne koshish ki

Sab kiya bas tere liye, 

Tere liye, tere liye

For every question, my answer is ready 

And I do not listen, I do not listen

To what anyone has to say


I’m tired now, and I’ve seen Everything 

This world’s each and every place


It’s not important to gaze backwards

The Past stays with me every moment


Oh I Tried, sold my soul

Nonetheless, “We” are no more


Oh I Tried, became a prisoner

Everything I did was solely for you

For you, for you...


Farewell to Youth

Finished is that story of ours


The word “forgiveness” we have forgotten

From the outside we appear so rigid

But within there’s something heavy

Something Wrong


For every question, my answer is ready 

And I do not listen

To what anyone has to say


Oh I did try 

Everything I did was solely for you, 

For you, for you


Hazaar saal hogaye hain

Yeh musafir ab sahi pohanch gayi


Aakhir mein

Chahe haaray ya jeetay

Is na-mumkin manzil mein 

Farq ab nahi


Sab bol dia

Sab kaha gaya

Ab jaag gaye yeh khayalaat qadeem


Yeh Dil toda

Par khush hai bhi

Oh bas letne de hume zara yahi


Ladke hum aaye hain

Ladtay, ladtay aye


Hillna mat

Ao, kha jayein hum yeh khamoshi

Lekin pyaas ya bhook yaha nahin


Jalte hue humaare saare alfaaz

Wohi mansooba tha

Humari khud-khushi



Sab khatam

Lehrein, lehrein

Aayeein gayeeen



Sab khatam

Toofan saare

Aye gaye



Phail raha hai

Apni nas nas tak agaya


Meri vajhe se

Kitnon ko zakhm pohancha

Lekin yahan se wo sab nahi dekh sakti


Isko kehthe hain intihaa

Khaatma raah ka

Par abhi main 

To hoon bas shuru mein hi ؟

A thousand years have passed

This female traveler has arrived properly


In the end

Whether we’ve won or lost

In this impossible destination

There’s no difference now


Everything was said

All has been spoken

Now these ancient ideas are awake


The heart was broken

But it’s also pleased

Oh please let us lie down for a little while here


We’ve come by means of fighting

Fighting, sparring we came


Don’t move

Come, let’s eat this Silence

But here there is neither hunger nor thirst 


Burning was our every word

That in fact was the plan

Our collective suicide



Everything is finished

Waves, all the waves

Have come and gone



Everything is finished

All the storms

Came and went



Is spreading 

It has reached our veins


Because of me

How many have been wounded

But from here I can’t see all of that


This is known as the Limit

The Ending of the pathway

But I’m just 

At the Beginning ؟

LEHJA   لہجہ

Ek sheher hai aisa

Jo azaad nahi

Magar ghuroor uska itna

Ki kuch ehsaas nahi


Koi ek parchayi

Bahir dariya pe rehti


Naam jiska Lehja!

Vo jo tedi



Jo tedi


Ek ghalti.


Jis din vo paida hui

Lehja ke labon pe,

Vo zabaan-e-mamnoo baithi thi


Jiske sur, jiski lai ne khuda ko daraaya

Sheher walon ne usse kinare baithaya

Shams-o-Qamar ne bhi aankhein pherli

Aur lehja ke labon ko sabne silwaya


Tab se

Saari raahein band,

Choti hogayi duniya lehja ki


Nadi ke pani ne usse pala

Aur door se pahadon ne bhi

Lehja gun guna, gun gunati rahi


Iske shab-o-roz guzre ufak ko dekhtey

Sheher aseeri may raha, par dheere se

Lehja ke labon ne ghulaami tor di, 

tor di, tor di, tor di


Iski saheliyan ek bhoola hua sukha favarra,

Ghataaein, kaali panchi,

Aur sheher se ek dheemi-si azaan


Lehjaaaa, sabse ajeeb

Lehjaaaa, sabse ghareeb


Ab roti nahi, hai jaanti

Ki bolnay kay tariqay bahut hain

Zubaan uski zehereeli sunehri hogayi


Tum bhi, sheher valon ko bhool jao



There exists a city

That isn’t Free

However its Pride is so much

That it doesn’t even realize


There is a shadow

Which lives outside along the river


Whose name is Lehja!

The Crooked one



The twisted


The Mistake.


The day she was born

Upon Lehja’s lips,

Sat the forbidden language


Whose tune, whose rhythm scared God

The city folk sat her on the riverside

The sun and moon turned the other way

And everyone sewed Lehja’s lips shut


Since then

All the paths closed,

Lehja’s world grew small


The river water raised her

And from afar the mountains did too

Lehja kept humming, humming along


Her night and day passed staring at the horizon

The city remained imprisoned, but slowly 

Lehja’s lips broke their slavery, 

Broke it, broke, broke it


Her friends were a forgotten dry fountain,

Rain-bearing clouds, a black bird, 

And from the city a quiet azaan


Lehjaaaa, The Strangest

Lehjaaaa, The Poorest


But now she doesn’t cry, she knows

That there are many techniques of speaking

Her poisonous tongue became Golden


You too, forget the city folk



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