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Your music is haunting and soul-stirring. Can’t wait for the whole album. Lots of love.

Altamash Jaleel

Pehchaan is such an amazing song that transports you to another world. We need more music like this that revive South Asian traditions of poetry in a modern and unique way!

Qandeel I.

Hi! So excited for further music from you.

Sahana Gopal

Your music reflects the purity in your heart and the wisdom of your soul. ❤️💛

Chanpreet Singh

Sheherazaad's music is poetic and rich. Her songs are perfect for those long sunset drives!

Simrah Farrukh

I have seen you perform so many times in sub drift and have always been mesmerized at your singing. Really happy to see you are launching your first album. Super excited and wish you the very best, dil se :)

Sunny K.


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